The winners of the radio quiz “Zakovat” have been announced.

To increase the level of knowledge of the factory workers, to create conditions for the manifestation of their talents, since September of this year, the radio quiz “Zakovat” was organized by the Youth Union of the plant.

About measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Taking into account the fact that the vaccine is the only reliable way to avoid infection or complicated course of the COVID–19 disease, and also taking into account the fact that if a vaccinated person even gets sick, the probability of complications and severe course of the disease in this case will be almost zero.

Specialists of Fergana Oil Refinery Plant took an active part in the meeting of the Council of Chief Power Engineers of oil refining and petrochemical enterprises of the CIS countries

A meeting of the Council of Chief Power Engineers of oil refining and petrochemical enterprises of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries,

Young specialists of the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant actively participated in the Republican stage of the intellectual game “Zakovat”.

The final game of the intellectual brain-ring “Zakovat” was held in the “Bukhara Desert Oasis” ecotourism cluster in Bukhara,

Veterans of Fergana Oil Refinery Plant visited Kokand city

A trip of 50 veterans of our plant to the ancient and modern city of Kokand was organized within the framework of the "Week of the elderly". Residents of Kokand greeted the oilmen from Fergana with the sounds of “karnay-surnay”.

The Ambassador of Germany visited the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant

Today, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany in Uzbekistan, Tilo Klinner, visited the Fergana Oil Refinery. The guest and the members of the accompanying delegation

An important issue related to production was considered over the meeting of the Public Council

A Public Council at “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC has been created to ensure the transparency of the enterprise, organize interaction between the administration and public organizations with employees,

Event in honor of teachers and mentors at the Fergana refinery

A solemn event dedicated to the “Day of Teachers and Mentors” was held in the assembly hall of the plant. The event was attended by retired labor veterans who have worked at our enterprise for many years, mentors who have become role models in the production process and public works, as well as representatives of the younger generation.

Ferghana Refinery specialists have successfully completed the course "International Standard Financial Reporting"

On the basis of the concluded agreement No. 151 / pr dated March 29, 2021 with HOU "ERIELL prof education", online training was conducted for accounting workers and SAP specialists

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