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Fergana: one of the youngest cities of Uzbekistan

Fergana city located in the south of the Fergana valley is among the youngest cities of Uzbekistan. It was established in 1876, upon annexing the Kokand khanate to the Russian Empire. At that time, a city was constructed 12 kilometers to Margilan, that was named New Margilan and became a center of the Fergana region.

The main structure of the new city became a military fortification, which occupied a large area. New streets were extended from it in fan-shape fashion. A large park was laid out in the city’s center. The first architectural structures of the city were the Governor's House (now the Drama theater building), the Assistant Governor House, and the Military Assembly (Officers' House). The city was renamed as Skobelev in 1907, and has been called “Fergana” since 1924.

Noticeable growth of the city started only in the XX century and especially following the independence of the Republic. Nowadays, Fergana is the important industrial center of Uzbekistan. In recent years, many modern facilities have been constructed in the city: comfortable high-rise hotels, a beautiful tennis court, a covered urban market, a stadium, a large park area with flower beds and fountains. Symbolically, the city gate called the Gate of Independence was built among the first in 1992. Its height is 14 meters, length is 26 meters.

There are no architectural and historical monuments in Fergana, but even without them the city is very picturesque and has its own unique appearance. The main decoration of the city are agelong trees: plane-trees, poplars, oaks... They have long turned Fergana into a garden city.

The Fergana neighborhoods are also famous for very beautiful locations. The Chimyon settlement known for its healing mineral springs stretches in the foothills of the Alay Range, immersed in the greenery of gardens and vineyards. Based on its springs a balneal health center Chimyon was opened being the largest health resort in Central Asia.

A picturesque corner of Uzbekistan – Shakhimardan is located 55 kilometers from Fergana. This is a traditional place of resort for residents of Margilan and Fergana.