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Fergana oil refinery plant Limited Liability Company is one of the leading enterprises for the production of fuels and lubricants in the Central Asian region.

Fergana oil refinery plant is the largest oil refinery, continuous cycle oil-fuel plant with high level of automation. The plant was put into operation on January 27 of 1959, its registered address is Sanoat street 240, Fergana city.

The total area of the enterprise: 474.97 hectares

The plant can produce more than 70 varieties of oil products.

Fergana oil refinery plant comprises 32 main and auxiliary workshops, Altyaryk fuel production (AFP), transfer tank farms in the cities of Pap and Angren.

Workshops 1 to 5 are the main process shops, which ensure production of oil products.

The rest are auxiliary and subsidiary shops, which ensure primary production by means of energy resources (steam, water, air, gas, electricity), laboratory quality control of oil products, repair and operation of equipment and instrumentation, loading and shipment of oil products.


Workshop No. 1 is the main shop of the plant and comprises 11 units: crude oil and gas condensate primary refining units ELOU-AVT-1, ELOU-AVT-2, ELOU-AVT-3, ELOU-AVT-4, AT-5, catalytic reforming units L 35/11-300 and LCh 35/11-600, 35/2 type extraction gasoline recovery, ethane recovery and gas oil hydrodesulfurization, gas fractionation unit. The shop's units produce:

  • marketable end products, diesel fuel, jet fuel, extraction gasoline and liquefied gas:

  • semi-finished products: gasoline, oil distillates, tar, fuel oil, which are sent for further processing.

Workshop No. 2 comprises 7 units:

21/10-300, 21/10-600 type delayed coking units, refinery coke calcination, 19/3 type bitumen production, deasphalting of tar with propane - single-stage type 36/1, 36/3M and two-stage type 36/5.

Output product:

marketable: bitumens, coke:

semi-finished products: deasphaltisates and asphalt.

Workshop No. 3 comprises 7 units:

37/1, 37/2, A-37/1, A-37/3 type oil solvent refining units,

Contact post-treatment of dewaxed oils with bleaching clays type 42/2M, hydrotreatment of G-24 type lube oil, 57/1,2 type lubricant compounding.

Workshop No. 5 comprises 9 units:

39/1 and 39/6 type lube oil dewaxing units, dewaxing of 39/7-1, 39/7-2 type lube oil with two-stage filtration and deep dewaxing of 39/8 type lube oil, also 40/2 type wax production unit, 1-1A type nitrogen transfer compressor unit and nitrogen PSA generators.

Output product - semi-finished products:

Dewaxed oils, wax concentrates, petrolatum, crude wax. Nitrogen generated at PSA unit is intended to supply the plant process units with inert gas.

Workshop No. 6 is a commodity-raw materials shop, designed for receipt, storage and supply of raw materials, additives, reagents to the units, gasoline compounding and marketable products shipment.

Workshop No. 7 is designed to supply the plant facilities with water, steam, air, gas and to dispose of industrial effluents (slop oil).

Workshop No. 8 is a mechanical-repair shop, designed for centralized repair works, fabrication of spare parts and non-standard equipment.

Workshop No. 9 is an information and communication technology shop.

Workshop No. 10 is a centralized plant laboratory, ensures quality control of semi-finished products, end products, incoming raw materials, chemical reagents, additives.

Workshop No. 11 is a power supply shop, ensures uninterrupted supply of plant facilities with electric power, as well as repair of power grids and equipment.

Workshop No. 12 ensures the continuous operation of process units’ instrumentation and control devices, as well as their calibration and repair.

Workshop No. 13 is a road transport shop.

Workshop No. 14 is a railroad shop, provides rail tank cars and platforms with raw materials, chemical reagents, materials and equipment, dispatch of railway routes with commercial oil products.

Workshop No. 15 is an equipment depot and plantwide storage facility.

Workshop No. 17 is an experimental research shop, researches incoming raw materials, develops measures aimed at improving production technology, intensification of flow processes, implementation of new techniques and technology, diversification of the product range.

Workshop No. 18 - corporate paramilitary security

Workshop No. 19 - paramilitary gas rescue squad

Workshop No. 20 - Plant control

Workshop No. 22 is a finished product shipment shop

Workshop No. 23 - Heavy equipment and machinery

Workshop No. 24 - crude hydrocarbons import and tolling department

Workshop No. 25 - contaminated groundwater containment shop

Workshop No. 28 is a home based work shop

Workshop No. 30 - Employees nutrition department

Workshop No. 45 - Land improvement

Workshop No. 48 - Hotel — dormitory accommodation

RSMU Oil – Unitary enterprise under Fergana oil refinery plant

AFP - Altyaryk fuel production


AFP comprises the following process units AT-1,2,3, thermal cracking unit TK-2, gas fractionation unit, diphenyl production units (type 417, 413), unit KhL-2. There are tank farms, loading and unloading rack, water-steam boiler house, treatment facilities, mechanical-repair shop, raw-materials shop, water supply area, I&C area, power supply area, ethylene mixing unit.

Fergana oil refinery plant includes oil transportation terminals located in Pap and Angren cities.

Quality, Health, Work safety, Environmental protection and Energy management Policy of the Fergana oil refinery plant

Fergana oil refinery plant LLC is one of the largest enterprises in the Central Asian region for the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and the production of oil products.

Mission of the enterprise is to produce and supply competitive products, which meet consumers' requirements and obtain sustained profits for the further development of production for the benefit of the state, society and other stakeholders.

Company's vision is to become a highly efficient and competitive company that takes a leading role in the oil and gas sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our Values:

1) Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers:

  • mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers to ensure high quality, stability, regularity of pace and energy efficiency of supplied raw materials and inventory holdings.    
  • search and expansion of hydrocarbon raw material sources, including on account of tolling supplies.

2) Consumer orientation:

  • continuous improvement of consumer satisfaction by studying and analyzing the consumer market of oil products with respect to the product range and quality, with due account for outpacing consumer demand, as well as by revamping technological processes and equipment, and introducing new equipment and technologies.

  • minimizing the negative impact of manufactured products on consumers' health and the environment during the after-sales warranty period

3) Active engagement in the welfare and development of the state and society:

  • rigorous compliance with legislative acts of government and supervisory bodies to ensure product quality, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, enhance energy efficiency and reduce energy intensity of production;

  • active participation in the implementation of state-run and sector-specific programs;

  • contributing to the development and welfare of society;

4) Personnel is our key asset:

  • continuous improvement of employees’ skills and motivation;

  • increasing the responsibility of personnel for compliance with

legislative, regulatory and other requirements.

5) Work safety and conditions:

  • arranging the monitoring of compliance with occupational safety requirements and providing employees with protective equipment;

  • professional selection and training of employees;

  • improvement of plant’s infrastructure;

  • reduction of morbidity and injuries level.

6) Environmental care:

  • reducing the negative impact of the plant's activities on the environment by upgrading the outmoded equipment, technological processes and materials used;

  • release of environmentally friendly products;

  • rational use of fuel and energy and natural resources;

7) Continuous improvement:

  • improving the efficiency of quality management systems, integrated management system.

  • continuous monitoring of product quality, workers' health, working conditions, safety and environmental protection, as well as energy characteristics in order to remedy nonconformities in a timely and effective manner.

  • In order to achieve the objectives set out in this Policy, the management of

Fergana oil refinery plant commits to:

  • comply with all declared provisions of this Policy in the field of quality, health, occupational safety, environmental protection and energy management;

  • ensure fulfillment of legislative, regulatory and other regulations and requirements in force in the Republic of Uzbekistan and related to health, occupational safety, environmental protection, as well as energy efficiency, rational use and consumption of all types of energy.

  • continuously improve the effectiveness of quality management system, integrated management system and energy management system based on the requirements of international standards' revisions in force;

  • improve the industrial environmental monitoring system for compliance with the standards of emissions and discharges, as well as rules of industrial waste management and rational use of energy resources;

  • ensure improvement of working conditions at workplaces, implement effective means and methods to improve workplace safety, prevent morbidity, work-related injuries and accidents;

  • maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders on quality management, health and occupational safety, environmental protection and energy management related issues;

  • ensure continuous improvement of the energy characteristics of production processes and plant divisions;

  • ensure availability of information and resources required to achieve the goals and targets in the field of quality, health and occupational safety, environmental protection and energy management;


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