List of products produced at the Fergana Oil Refinery


“Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC is responsible for the quality of supplies of petroleum products only to direct buyers and is not responsible after their resale to third parties.



Motor gasoline AI-80

O‘z DSt 3031: 2015

Used as fuel for automobile and motorcycle engines, as well as engines for other purposes designed to use unleaded gasoline.


Motor gasoline AI-92

GOST 32513-2013


Motor gasoline AI-92

O‘z DSt 3031: 2015


Motor gasoline AI-95

O‘z DSt 3031: 2015


Aviation gasoline B-92

GOST 1012-2013, Ts 05767930-266:2017

Designed for aircraft piston engines


Straight-run extraction gasoline

Ts 05767930-238:2013

Designed for the extraction of edible fats in closed devices


Fuel for jet engines, TS-1

GOST 10227-2013

Designed for use on aircraft with subsonic flight speeds


Aviation fuel for gas turbine engines JET A-1

Designed for use in aircraft gas turbine engines


Diesel fuel TD L

O‘z DSt 989: 2010

Designed for diesel engines, summer


Diesel fuel TD 3-1; TD 3-2

O‘z DSt 989: 2010

Designed for diesel engines, winter


Diesel fuel DT EURO –L-K4

Ts 05767930-297:2020

Designed for use in compression ignition internal combustion engines


Diesel fuel TDU

O‘z DSt 989: 2010

Designed for diesel engines, inter-seasonal


Oil fuels TPB

Ts 05767930-267:2017

Designed for municipal needs, as well as for combustion in domestic furnaces


Residual fuel oil 40

GOST 10585-2013

It is intended for use as fuel for vehicles, stationary boilers and technological installations


Residual fuel oil 100

GOST 10585-2013

It is intended for use as fuel for vehicles, stationary boilers and technological installations


Kerosene KT

O‘z DSt 3034:2015

Used in household lighting fixtures and for industrial and technical purposes


Liquefied petroleum gas for domestic and industrial consumption as fuel, PBT grade (propane-butane technical)

GOST 34858-2022

Intended for municipal and industrial consumption as fuel


Light hydrocarbon fraction

Ts 05767930-250:2022

It is used in the pyrolysis process to obtain raw materials for petrochemical industries and basic organic synthesis, used as a solvent, as well as as a component or raw material for the production of petroleum products


Weighted gas oil

Ts 05767930-242:2023

Intended as a raw material or component for the production of various petroleum products

Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC regularly puts out petroleum products on the foreign exchange platform of UzEX JSC (Uzbek Commodity Exchange market) on FCA terms (Akhunbabayev railway station) in accordance with the international rules of transportation INCOTERMS 2010, with 100% prepayment. All put out products are certified in GosStandart bodies and confirmed by independent laboratory quality certificates.

Terms and conditions of exchange trading can be found directly in the UzEX JSC.

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