Information on the meeting of the Board of the Director No. 5 dated 05.04.2022.

On 05.04.2022, a regular meeting of the Board of the Director was held in the conference hall of the plant management, which was attended by deputy directors in the areas, chief specialists of the plant, heads of departments and services.

The Deputy Director for Modernization provided a report on the implementation of the project "Modernization of Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC", as well as proactive measures aimed at the timely preparation and implementation of preparatory organizational, personnel, technological and production measures for a smooth transition after the implementation of the project.

Deputy Director for Commerce, Deputy Chief Engineer, Chief Technologist, Chief Accountant, reported on the implementation of protocol decisions of previous meetings.

In addition, the head of the department for the introduction of innovations and international standards reported on the consultative audit of the QMS and IMS for
the I-quarter of 2022.

Summing up the meeting, the director of Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC focused the attention of all those present on the need to continue the work to reduce the percentage of irretrievable losses.

The next Board of Director is scheduled for 29.06.2022.



Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC