Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC summed up the results of the "Best in Profession" competition among employees for February 2022.

Today, on April 7, Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC summed up the results of the contest-competition "Best in Profession" among employees for February.

The results of the competition were announced at a solemn event with the presentation of rolling cups and placement on the electronic Board of Honor of the laureates. Despite the fact that all the applicants were worthy representatives of their professions, nominated by their workshops, the greatest support in the additional open voting of colleagues was received by specialists who were marked by maximum dedication, exemplary discipline and reasonable initiative.

Thus, the honorary title "Best in profession" for success in the reporting month, when fulfilling the work plan, achieving high production and technical and economic results, minimizing the cost of material resources, as well as high labor discipline and the absence of injuries were awarded to the following employees:

- "The Best Operator of Technological Installations" - Otakulov Bakhodir Turakulovich workshop No. 1;

- "The Best Commodity Operator" - Siddikov Furkat Akramovich, workshop No 4;

- "The Best Machinist of Technological Pumps" - Rasulov Shahboz Shokirjon coals, workshop No. 1;

- "The Best Electrician" - Tozhiboev Akmal Tozhiboevich, workshop No. 8;

- "The Best Priborist" - Viktor Shchitov, workshop No. 9;

- "The best mechanical repair worker" - Urmanov Rasulkhon Ravshanovich, workshop No. 9;

- "The Best Laboratory Assistant, Sampler" - Yusupova Sayyora Komilzhonovna, workshop No.10;

- "The Best Worker of the Transport Service" - Tazhibayev Umarali Ganievich, workshop No. 11;

- "The Best Line Personnel" - Nurdullayev Nazhmiddin No 4;

- "The best employee of VGSO, VVO" – Usmanov Azamjon Akbaralievich, workshop No. 14;

- "The best worker of the AUP" - Ismailova Gulchehra Sultanbaevna workshop No. 9;

- "The Best Employee of Service Personnel" - Sodikov Shukurullo Gayratovich workshop No. 4.


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