A week of football was held at the Fergana Oil Refinery.

By the initiative of the administration and the Youth Union of the plant, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, preserve and strengthen the health of the plant's employees, the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant mini-football championship was organized, in which 16 teams took part.

The competitions held at the plant’s mini stadium were exciting, sharp and uncompromising.

Initially, teams that were divided into 4 groups fought for two places in the quarterfinals. During the meetings, it was noticeable that each team carefully prepared for the tournament and was motivated to win.

In the final match of the competition, the teams of the Military Gas Rescue Service and ATP stepped into the field. The ATP team won with a score of 6:4. The 3rd place was taken by the RSMU- oil team, which defeated the team of the 13th workshop.

The winning team was solemnly awarded a special cup of the tournament. All teams that took top places in the tournament will be awarded with cash prizes.



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