A fascinating trip to Namangan.

By the initiative of the plant management on the eve of Navruz, about 100 employees of the plant from among the leaders of production and public works, labor veterans and initiative youth, went to Namangan.

Having arrived at the city of flowers in Namangan, our colleagues visited the regional museum of local lore, where they got acquainted with the history and modern life of Namangan through exhibits reflecting the unique symbols of the region. They organized a cultural holiday in the park of culture and recreation in the regional center.

A great impression on the plan workers was also made by a trip to the park "Afsonalar Vodiysi" (Valley of the Legends), which is considered as a decoration of the city of Namangan. The group members visited entertainment attractions, historical monuments of the shrine of the city and also the mosque.

After a resourceful and interesting trip, the employees of our company returned to their families with excellent impressions. They expressed gratitude to the management of the plant, which contributes to the development of domestic tourism.


Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC