The Trade Unions Day was solemnly celebrated at the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant.

On the occasion of November 11 - “Trade Unions Day” of Uzbekistan, a festive event was organized in the assembly hall of the plant under the slogan “Uniting for the Development of the Country”.

The management of the plant, employees of the Joint Trade Union Committee, chairmen of trade unions, leaders, representatives of low-income families, and labor veterans attended the event.

O. Kazikhanova, an employee of the Association of Trade Unions of the Fergana Region, who took part in the event, congratulated the staff of the plant on the Day of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan.

The Joint Committee of Trade Unions of Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC positively resolves the issues of support and social protection of employees. During the event, the director of the plant, H. Latipov, was awarded a Certificate of Merit from the Association of Trade Unions of the region, as well as the Joint Trade Union Committee for his significant contribution to improving the efficiency of trade union activitie

Additionally, the plant's staff were congratulated on the holiday by the chief engineer of the plant D. Urunbaev, deputy director for general issues B. Muminov.

At the ceremony, the chairman of the Joint Committee of Trade Unions R. Saydaliev was awarded a commemorative sign "1 year from the Day of Trade Unions". Representatives of 34 low-income families received material assistance totaling 70 million sums, some of them received financial assistance and awarded with certificates for various household appliances. Chairmen of exemplary trade union committees of workshops and labor veterans were awarded certificates of honor.

At the end of the solemn part, a festive table was laid on the occasion of the Trade Unions Day of Uzbekistan.



Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC