Internships for the 3rd-4th year students of Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology organized at Fergana Oil Refinery Plant

Internship as an element of the educational process which is carried out with the aim of consolidating and expanding the knowledge gained by students at the university, acquiring the necessary practical skills to work in the specialty in production conditions, mastering advanced methods of technology and labor.

From March 10 to April 30, 2022, students of Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology in the direction of "Oil and Gas Processing" will undergo practical training at Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC. The students previously organized a meeting with the head of the department for the introduction of innovations and international standards Kodirov Kamolkhuzha, who acquainted the students with the ongoing workers for reconstruction and modernization at the plant.

Practice contributes to the development of independent work of students. In the process of internship, students learn to independently select and systematize information within the framework of the tasks assigned to them; apply the acquired knowledge in practice; study the technology and equipment used in a particular production; develop teamwork skills; exercise self-control.

One of the priority requirements of potential employers today is the professional competence of the employee. The passage of practical training allows the student to assess the level of their competence and determine the need for his or her adjustment in the process of studying at the university.


 Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC