Meeting of the Board of Directors at the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant

According to the approved schedule, on 15.02.2022, the fourth in general, and first meeting in 2022 of the Board of Directors was held in the assembly hall of the plant management, which was attended by all deputy directors in the areas, chief specialists of the plant, heads of workshops, departments and services.

A number of important issues related to the sale of products, measures aimed at improving efficiency in this direction, issues of communication with related departments for the development of liquid and high-quality products, as well as prompt shipment of finished goods were discussed at the meeting. A brief analysis of products sold during 2019-2021. Seasonality and demand for finished products, etc.

The first deputy director-technical director of the plant presided over, who assessed the actual level of product quality and the production process, announced the existing problems and ways to solve them.

The Deputy Director for Finance provided a report on the exhibition starting prices of petroleum products, the status of receivables and accounts payable.

The Deputy Director for Modernization reported on the modernization of the project "Modernization of Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC", on the implementation of the optimization planning program.

In addition, a report on the work done by the head of the department for the control of oil and petroleum products was heard. Report on the implementation of the Action Plan to optimize costs, reduce production losses, save energy resources, modernize and reconstruct existing equipment, improve economic performance, reduce the cost of production at Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC for 2021.

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for 05.04.2022.


Secretary of the Board