Ferghana City School No. 34, located in the Mustaqillik mahalla, is designed for 270 students. However, more than 350 children work in it and in the branch in two shifts.

The lack of classrooms caused certain difficulties and negatively affected on the quality of the educational process.

The problem of the educational institution was solved by the Fergana Oil Refinery. Following the instructions of the head of our state on the need to create sufficient conditions for the education of young people, support the younger generation and promote the disclosure of its abilities, as well as fulfilling the instructions of the mayor of the region to secure schools included in the red zone based on the level of their material and technical base and equipment for large enterprises, the quality of education, Fergana Oil Refinery Plant built a new building for the school.

The project of the school's satellite building worth 865,497,000 sums was developed by specialists from the plant's department of capital construction. The builders started the work during the summer holidays of schoolchildren, and today, after 5-6 months, the additional building is ready for operation. The building materials necessary for the construction of the facility were provided by the plant.

The modern satellite building houses an assembly hall with 65 seats, a library and a dining room, which are cozy and bright.

 “The construction team of workshop No. 32 took an active part in the construction of the school building,” says Numonjon Fozilov, the leading engineer of the plant's capital construction department. – More than ten units of equipment were involved in the work. There were no interruptions in the supply of building and other materials. We are glad that we have made a contribution, albeit a small one, to improving the conditions for the education of schoolchildren.

In addition to an additional building, with the financial support of the plant, a toilet was built in the branch of the school that fully meets sanitary standards. The company also donated computer equipment to the school.


  Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC