Special tactical training sessions were held at the plant

In order to increase the knowledge and skills of managing facilities, improve the practical experience of employees in carrying out complex civil protection measures in cases of fire, technological accidents, explosions, natural disasters, as well as testing in practice the constant readiness of special and engineering equipment, reliable operation of communication and warning equipment during emergency situations of natural and man-made character, special training and tactical sessions were organized.

Special tactical training sessions were conducted according to the established program at five points of the plant. Before embarking on practical exercises, in the assembly hall of the plant, the management and specialists of the relevant services explained in detail the information about the goals and objectives of this important event. At 5 points set by the dispatchers of the plant, prompt actions were taken to timely notify the plant management, the formation of civil protection, the regional emergency department, the department of internal affairs, fire safety, health care, as well as other involved services that are involved in natural emergencies and technogenic character.

Then, the formation of civil protection units of the facility was organized, an exhibition of special rescue equipment, clothing, and tools. Training actions were carried out to extinguish the fire in the reservoir No. 59 of the tank farm No. 115/13 of the workshop No. 6. At the scene of the incident, actions were taken to provide first aid and send the victims to medical institutions.

At the technological unit of the ethane block of workshop No. 1, actions were shown in practice for the timely elimination of the consequences of the occurred natural disaster, the implementation of rescue and other urgent, priority measures, the search for victims and the provision of first aid. The actions of the security service in emergency situations were also demonstrated.

In the assembly hall of the plant, a meeting was held dedicated to the final stage of the training session, at which the successful conduct of special training and tactical exercises in accordance with the established plan and program was highly appreciated. 

Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC