More than 2,000 tree seedlings were planted in one day under the “40 Shocking Days” program

Within the framework of the 40 Shock Days program, on November 24 Fergana Oil Refinery Plant’s employees planted more than 2,000 seedlings. Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC plans to plant only 10,000 seedlings this year, and next spring 11,200 seedlings.

To this end, the plant workers are planting spruce seedlings in the streets adjacent to our enterprise and in the empty areas of the Kirgulinsky district.

Today, plant director H. Latipov, and deputy directors for areas of activity personally joined the initiative to create green spaces in the long-empty areas of Kirgulinsky district, planting trees along Fergana Street, which added enthusiasm to the plant employees.

As the director of the plant said, this initiative will not be limited solely to planting seedlings, but will be accompanied by their regular watering, care and further cultivation. In this regard, each site was assigned to the heads of the workshops and specialists of the specialized divisions.



Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC