Towards optimizing production and increasing product liquidity

From 15 to 19 November within the framework of the project “Design, development and implementation of an optimized planning model”, online training and practical training were organized with the participation of representatives of SEG LLC, AspenTech and Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC.

During the event, issues related to the schedule for the implementation of the project, the detailed determination of the stage-by-stage scope of work, the issuance of certificates to participants who completed the training course, the development and approval of the functional design specification, etc. were discussed, which was accompanied by practical exercises on these issues.

As previously reported, the Aspen Technology company (USA) was contracted to implement the Aspen Unified PIMS optimization planning model at the FNPZ. Aspen PIMS (Process Industry Modeling System) is a tool for maximizing the profit of an enterprise under given external (market conditions, resources of raw materials, product specification) and internal (available technological units and processes, indicators of semi-finished products and finished products, etc.)

In addition, Aspen PIMS allows you to assess the efficiency of processing alternative raw materials and the production of new types of products, to determine the optimal operating modes of technological units, and also allows you to analyze the technical and economic efficiency.



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