A training session on emergency response was held at Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC

According to the plan, the dispatching service of the plant was notified of a fire at tank № 436 located in tank farm № 16/35 of workshop № 6.

According to the "Alert List", the plant dispatcher notified the plant management, specialists, main services and divisions about the emergency. From the moment the siren was turned on and alerted by phone, the management and relevant specialists of the plant arrived at the scene to organize joint actions of all the services involved, as well as to study the state of their readiness in the event of an emergency.

As a result, on November 5, 2021, under the leadership of First Deputy Director-Technical Director A. Myltsyn, Deputy Director for Corporate Security and Resource Protection B. Shergaziev, Head of the HSE Department D. Umaraliev, with the participation of the plant's special services, chief specialists , as well as heads of shops and departments, a meeting was held to analyze the mistakes and inconsistencies made by the enterprise services in the process of eliminating emergency situations and conducting a drill.

At the meeting, the report of the head of the HSE department D. Umaraliev on the results of the training session on the elimination of the emergency was heard, deficiencies were noted on the part of the relevant services, their management personnel, specialists, as well as plant workers during the practice of actions during the elimination of the accident. To eliminate such situations, further proposals and recommendations were made on the effectiveness of organizing the established measures, protecting the health of workers, and protecting the environment.

Also, the attention of those present was focused on comprehensive training, improvement of practical skills to eliminate possible emergencies in the process of future activities of the enterprise.



Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC