The winners of the football tournament have been determined.

During the week, a football tournament was organized among the employees of the enterprise at a mini-sports ground built on the territory of the 1st sector of the plant. The tournament was held in high spirits and enthusiasm.

Each game was full of sharp and uncompromising intense struggle. The teams with their furious attacks ensured an interesting course of the games. Sixteen teams from the factory shops competed in groups for the main prize in the tournament.

The winning teams were announced according to the results of the football tournament. So, the 1st place was given to the football players of the team of the 6th workshop, the 2nd place was given to the 32nd workshop and the 3rd place to 19th workshop, which were awarded a special cup and a cash prize from the administration of the plant and the trade union committee.


Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC