About preparation for training interns

This year Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC signed contracts with a number of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions (Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute, Tashkent State Technical University, Fergana Branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkina and Fergana Professional College of Oil and Gas) on the passage of industrial internships at the plant by students of master’s and bachelor's degree, and college students.

The main goal of industrial and pre-diploma internship is to consolidate and deepen the theoretical knowledge gained by students in the learning process, as well as to acquire the necessary skills and practical experience, i.e. formation of professional competencies.

The above activities are carried out by assigning highly qualified specialists of the plant to students, who transfer their knowledge and accumulated experience to future young specialists in the following areas: "Chemical technology", "Technology of mechanical engineering", "Power supply", "Oil and gas processing", "Technology of mechanical engineering" , "Automation of technical control systems", "Computer engineering", "Economics and enterprise management of the oil and gas complex", "Operator of oil and gas processing", "Locksmithing", "Operator of technological pumps and compressor units" and "Locksmith of instrumentation and automation".

In addition, taking into account the project of "Modernization of the plant", in order to select potential candidates for work at Fergana Oil Refinery LLC among promising graduates, work was also organized to ensure the passage of industrial practices and internships by students of foreign specialized universities, from among the citizens of the Republic Uzbekistan.



Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC