Veterans of Fergana Oil Refinery Plant visited Kokand city

A trip of 50 veterans of our plant to the ancient and modern city of Kokand was organized within the framework of the "Week of the elderly".

Residents of Kokand greeted the oilmen from Fergana with the sounds of “karnay-surnay”.

During the trip, the veterans visited the historical sites of Kokand. In particular, our veterans got acquainted with the Kokand Literary Museum, visited the possessions of Khudoyarkhan, held a creative conversation with Kokand artists in the city's drama theater.

 Friday prayers were held at the painted mosque. Cultural leisure was continued at the festively laid “dastarkhan”.

During the trip, labor veterans also got acquainted with Rishtan ceramics and talked with craftsmen. The veterans thanked the management of the plant for organizing a meaningful and exciting journey.


Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC