Young specialists of the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant actively participated in the Republican stage of the intellectual game “Zakovat”.

The final game of the intellectual brain-ring “Zakovat” was held in the “Bukhara Desert Oasis” ecotourism cluster in Bukhara, in which young workers of the Fergana oil refinery plant took part.

Thus, 1200 teams took part in the first stage "Zakovat", organized with the aim of further strengthening the knowledge and talents of young people, broadening their horizons, supporting their aspirations for their dreams and hopes. The intellectually grounded youth of our plant successfully performed at this stage and, as one of the 4 teams that took part in the regional stage, got a ticket to the final.

44 strongest teams from 11 regions fought for victory at the final stage in ancient and prosperous Bukhara. An employee of our plant, Oyatullo Tukhtaraliev, who participated in intellectual games as part of the "13-zhaoa" team, was actively participating by giving correct and quick answers to questions. His team took the honorable third place and was rewarded with 10 million sums.

As part of the “Magnat” team, young specialists of the enterprise Akmal Abduvaliev, Shukurullo Sobirov, Nasrullo Murtazaev and Begzod Tuychiev were able to show in practice that they have sufficient knowledge in the field of science, culture, entrepreneurship and politics.

We congratulate our employees for their successful participation in the final game of the Brain-ring "Zakovat".



 Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC