A course on "Computer literacy" was organized for the employees of "Fergana Oil Refinery Plant".

Today, there is no industry that information technology has not penetrated. Regardless of the industry, modern information technology is becoming an important driver of innovation in terms of convenience, transparency and speed.

In particular, the rapid development of communication technologies will increase the competitiveness of high-tech enterprises through the introduction of new innovative techniques and technologies.

In the present, all buildings and structures of Fergana Oil Refinery Plant are equipped with innovative equipment and technologies, interconnected computer networks have been developed, as a result of which productivity has increased significantly. In order to ensure the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 1, 2022, PF-81 “On measures to improve the system of working with families and women, supporting communities and youth” the targeted work with women and youth, their various areas was organized and signed by the Training Course "Computer Literacy" head of the company dated 05/20/2022, in order to create conditions for the implementation of their abilities and capabilities in the industry and increasing the initial knowledge and skills of factory workers in computer literacy, information technology. Based on order No. 82/PK 49, employees of our company, consisting of workshops 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, are trained with the help of qualified programmers of worshop No. 7.

The demand for the course "Computer Literacy" is growing day by day. In order to ensure the continuity of this training course, the list of groups for the next training is formed by the training and personnel development department. This course is taught in 3 groups. Group 1 is based on "Basic knowledge computer software"; Group 2 on the basis of "Computer program for experienced employees; Group 3 is planned to be trained on the basis of "Program for employees with computer skills and experience." Lists of all employees of the company wishing to take part in this training course have been formed. It is planned to train 52 employees of the first group, 104 employees of the second group and 103 employees of the third group. Classes for groups 1 and 2 are conducted by our experienced operators-programmers. Classes for the 3rd group are planned to be held in cooperation with experienced operators of our company with the participation of experienced teachers who came by special order.

It is worth noting that this training course was organized with a focus on older employees who need it most in their work.


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