Long-distance race organized among Fergana Oil Refinery Plant employees

Pensioners - labor veterans, as well as employees of the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant attended this event and were divided by age categories. The race took place on Sanoat street in Fergana city and despite the fact that this sport is quite difficult, and requires great physical strength and endurance, all participants were able to finish specifically allocated distance. At the finish line they were greeted in a solemn atmosphere.

Despite their considerable age, it is gratifying that our pensioners - Ismolidzhon Mallaboev and Erkinjon Khodzhikurbanov, overcame the distance on an equal footing with young people, giving them a personal example.

Among men in the age category over 50, Ibragimjon Obboskhanov was the one to celebrate the victory, in the age category from 30 to 50 years old - Sardor Nazarov, and in the age group under 30 years old - Abror Kadyrov. Shakhnozakhon Badalbaeva won among women in the age category from 30 to 50 years old, and Madinahon Abdunazarova in the age category under 30 years old.

At the awards ceremony, the director of the plant H. Latipov addressed the participants of the race and congratulated all those present on the Day of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan. He also awarded the winners with valuable gifts as TVs, washing machines and other household items.


Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC