Ferghana Refinery specialists have successfully completed the course "International Standard Financial Reporting"

On the basis of the concluded agreement No. 151 / pr dated March 29, 2021 with HOU "ERIELL prof education", online training was conducted for accounting workers and SAP specialists at the course "International Financial Reporting Standard". Upon completion of the training course and passing exams, a meeting of teachers with training participants was organized, where the results of the final testing were analyzed, which was conducted by the teacher Mirzakhmedova Leyla Enverovna on the application of IFRS at the enterprise.


In addition, Professor Abdullaev Yusuf Negmatovich held a lecture on the topic: "Corporate culture and business etiquette" with the participation of deputy directors for areas of activity, chief specialists and heads of plant management departments. As a result of this event, in a solemn atmosphere, certificates were awarded to accounting employees and SAP specialists who had completed the training course and successfully passed the exams at the International Financial Reporting Standard course.  

Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC