Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC organized a seminar

By the Republican Council of the Trade Union of Energy, Oil, Gas, and Geology, Fergana Oil Refinery LLC jointly with Jizzakh Petroleum JV LLC, Enter Engineering Pte Ltd LLC, ERIELL Oilfield Services middle east DMCC LLC and Epsilon development company LLC organized a seminar for chairmen of trade union committees and representatives of labor protection

The participants of the seminar exchanged experience in protecting the rights of employees working at foreign enterprises and creating decent working conditions for them.

At first, the chairman of the trade union committee of Fergana Oil Refinery LLC A. Saydaliyev informed the participants about the activities of the plant.  He familiarized participants with the working conditions created for the workers of the plant, mainly with the work on labor protection, and special attention was paid to the implementation of the points mentioned in the Collective Agreement.

It was noted that each employee of the plant receives coveralls, appropriate sanitary conditions, and the provision of hot food and dairy products. The process of taking care of retiring employees has been organized along with the payment of benefits to women on maternity leave, material assistance on a first marriage, or a funeral. Funds are being allocated for spiritual, cultural, and sports events, as well as other additional benefits.

In addition, N. Gaibnazarova, head of the labor protection department of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan, participated at the seminar with a report about "Trade union strategy for a fair transition to an environmentally sustainable economy through the creation of green jobs," as well as S. Egamberdiyev, head of the international relations department of the Republican the Council of the Trade Union of Energy, Oil, Gas, and Geology, with a report about "Safety Culture."

At the end of the event, all participants received certificates and a set of books on labor law.




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