Last Saturday, the khokim of the region Khairullo Bozorov visited the Fergana oil refinery, where he got acquainted with the stages of large-scale modernization and reconstruction of the primary processing of petroleum products and laboratory research.

The Fergana Oil Refinery was founded 63 years ago. The company produces more than 60 items of products that are very important for the national economy. However, over the years, the equipment and machinery associated with the production process became outdated, and the growing demand for the quality of oil products in the world required the modernization and complete reconstruction of the refinery.

By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2020, it was planned to modernize and reconstruct the plant, transferring it to the management of Jizzakh Petroleum LLC. USD 300 million has been allocated for this.

Over the past two years, the plant has been building and reconstructing existing equipment taking into account the requirements of the world ARI standards for Euro-5 and oils of group II + / III. As part of these transformations, the plant cooperates with foreign companies from Russia, Great Britain, France and China.

In March of this year, the production of environmentally friendly and high-quality diesel fuel of Euro-4 standard began. In May, the plant fuel AI-95 was put up for sale. This type of gasoline is one of the highest quality products with low carbon monoxide emissions.

During the visit of the khokim of the region to the plant, the director of the enterprise Khabib Latipov informed in detail about the stages of modernization, production processes and upcoming promising projects.

Khairullo Bozorov took part in a presentation on the progress of practical work on production lines. Noting the fruitful work of a group of employees who actively participated in the modernization, they were presented with certificates and gifts from the regional khokimiyat.