Fergana Oil Refinery LLC is the only manufacturer of lubricating oils in the Republic of Uzbekistan and a major producer of base oils in the Central Asian region.

To increase the export potential, as well as to meet consumer demand in the Republic of Uzbekistan in new modern types of oils, for the first time at the Fergana refinery, high-quality motor oils of the modern category of API SL oils and corresponding to the SAE viscosity grades have been produced. Also, the production of oils of categories API SF / CC, SG / CD, CF-4 / SG and transmission oil GL-3, which is used, inter alia, for transmission units of KAMAZ vehicles, has begun. As part of work to improve the quality of base oils and increase the competitiveness of products in the international market, Fergana Oil Refinery LLC, starting from August 01, 2021, completely switched to the production of base oils (mineral) of group I - SN 100, SN 150, SN 240, SN 350 , SN 500 and RL in line with the more stringent API requirements. Already now, both republican and foreign consumers of base oils can purchase products, according to the new standard, through the Uzbek republican commodity and raw materials exchange. In order to produce higher quality base oils of groups II and III, the Fergana refinery continues to modernize its technological processes.  

Press service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC