Fergana Oil Refinery Plant conducted first-stage training for beginner computer users

Today there is no industry without information technology. Modern information technology is becoming an important driver of innovation in terms of convenience, transparency, and speed, regardless of the industry.

In particular, the rapid development of communication technologies will increase the competitiveness of high-tech enterprises through the introduction of new innovative techniques and technologies.

In order to improve the knowledge of plant employees in computer literacy and communication and information technology, as well as the requests of workshops, schedules and training programs have been drawn up, divided into 3 degrees of computer literacy training:

  • Beginner computer users
  • Experienced computer users
  • Advanced computer users

From June 28 to July 21, 2022, training for beginner computer users 52 people was planned and conducted according to a 12-hour program developed by the plant's specialists. At the end of all classes for initial training on July 18 and 21, 2022, an exam was organized to consolidate the acquired knowledge with entry into the protocol.

Exams were held in the form of testing and receiving practical tasks in the form of typing. The results of the exam tests are recorded in the protocol. Out of the 52 employees who completed the training, 43 employees passed the exams.

Such a variety of training formats makes it possible to join the program with different levels of computer proficiency, different interests, and opportunities. All this makes it possible to expand the audience, to involve more and more employees of the plant in the learning process.



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