A special attention to the new generation.

Every year, June 1 is widely celebrated around the world as International Children's Day. The goal is to draw the attention of the nation to the upbringing of children, bring a smile to their faces, protect their rights, create the best conditions for growing up as full-fledged and peaceful citizens of their country.

At the initiative of the leadership of the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant as well as the Joint Trade Union Committee and the Department for Support of Workers and Social Development there was a trip organized to the “Arsif” rest house located in the city of Kuvasoy with the participation of more than 150 children and 150 employees.

The festive event was filled with good mood and children's laughter, various entertaining contests were organized, sports competitions such as chess, tug of war, sprinting, hoop exercises, swimming in the pool, and performances of the "Puppet Theater" were also held. The joy of children was shared by their parents. A large table was laid for children, with sweets and national dishes.


At the end of the event, sets of sweets from the “Khilol” store were presented to the winners of the competitions and school supplies to all guests.




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