From 01.02.2022, Fergana Oil Refinery Plant LLC launched the pilot operation of the Integrated Information System (IIS) based on SAP S/4 HANA (Order No. 85 of 04.02.2022).

Pilot operation (hereinafter referred to as PO is testing in full functionality and full load for a certain number of users. Its main goal is to test the work of users in the system in real production conditions.

       "When everyone moves forward together, success comes by itself!"

                    Henry Ford


The first to be launched in PEI, the Division of Maintenance and Repair of Equipment (PM).

The day was eventful and productive, the first document in the system was created, colleagues showed activity and great interest in the work of the system, and helped each other. I would like to express my gratitude to the leading engineer of the OGM department Zailobiddinov A.  and to all the mechanics, "Fergana Oil Refinery Plant" LLC for ease in work, diligence,  and desire to understand, study the system and continue to live in it.

Mamadzhanova Sh. Specialist in Repair and Technology of SAP Department


It is also planned to begin training for the end users of the system. There are 3 classrooms organized which are fully equipped with everything necessary. The training will be conducted by key users (who have been trained earlier) with the participation of the SAP implementation and support team. Integrators of IT Professional Solutions LLC will also take part in conducting training - remotely.

After the training, end users must be able to confidently perform their daily tasks in the system.

Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC