About the work done within the framework of the Modernization project Fergana Oil Refinery LLC

As you know, a large-scale modernization, reconstruction and reformation of production is being carried out at the Fergana Oil Refinery. Currently, special attention is paid to solving important problems and topical issues in our country, such as the active implementation of international standards and technical regulations in the production of domestic products, ensuring their compliance with modern requirements.

As previously reported, within the framework of the enterprise modernization project, which provides for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing installations, a feasibility study of the investment project was developed on the basis of the basic project, developed in conjunction with the world's leading design institutes and companies, in order to bring the quality of oil products produced at the refinery to the level of international standards, including motor fuels up to Euro 5 class and lubricating oils up to API group II + / III. The feasibility study of the project has successfully passed the examination and approval in accordance with the established procedure, at present it has been submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan for approval.

In order to ensure the timely implementation of the project, together with the contractors involved, the work on the development of the working project, the manufacture of equipment and materials for delivery, as well as the implementation of early work for the start of construction are systematically continued.


- mobilization of personnel and equipment of contractors to construction sites, construction of temporary buildings and structures; - Carrying out engineering surveys at construction sites together with the outsourced enterprise LLC UZROSNEFTEGAZGEO;

- development of working projects for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing technological units by Omskneftekhimproekt LLC (Russian Federation) and UzLiTi Engineering LLC, as well as measures were taken to accelerate the construction of a hydrogen production unit to ensure uninterrupted operation of the plant and reduce the need for gas condensate;

- conclusion of contracts with the winning companies, determined within the framework of the conducted tenders, for the supply of equipment for automation of accounting for loading and unloading, processing and storage of hydrocarbon raw materials, semi-finished products and commercial products;

- financing of contracts concluded with well-known American and Italian companies for the manufacture and supply of equipment for a hydrogen production unit, such as a furnace, adsorbers, etc .;

- attraction of a contractor for the alienation of land plots for construction and development of design documentation for a new external gas pipeline to meet the needs of new and existing production facilities with natural gas;
- preparatory work for the beginning of the manufacture of 36 new tanks for delivery, within the framework of the contract concluded with JSC "KONAR";

- mobilization of the contractor's personnel and equipment to the construction site in order to start construction of a new steam boiler house manufactured by the Italian company MACCHI on the basis of an agreement signed back in 2020.

In addition, negotiations are underway with Aspen Technology Services Corporation in order to introduce modern programs to optimize the planning of production processes at the enterprise.
As part of the project, more than
$ 15.3 million, of the $ 42 million planned by the end of this year. To finance the aforementioned agreements and the investment project as a whole, during negotiations with international commercial banks and financial institutions, the parties reach mutual agreements on the possibility of attracting credit funds.

According to the program for mastering the production of new types of motor, hydraulic and transmission oils of group I according to API classification, the developed pilot batches have been successfully tested in industrial conditions at consumer facilities, and in the coming days certificates of conformity for new types of oil will be received and it is planned to start their serial production.

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