Youth Day celebration at the Ferghana Oil Refinery Plant.

June 30 - Youth Day, solemnly celebrated at the Fergana Oil Refinery plant.

The administration of the plant and public organizations have developed activities within the framework of the "Youth Month".

On its basis, a number of entertainment events, sports competitions, and an awards ceremony for active youth were held.


An intellectual quiz was held to determine the knowledge and potential of young people, revealed real experts among young people. The quiz was attended by 3 employees from each department, 3 questions were asked. The participants who showed the best results were recommended for career advancement.

The event, organized by the administration for youth affairs, in the complex of events "Koksaroy", was a great success. Young people gathered at a large table were having conversations on various topics. The famous singer Anvar Ganiev and other artists of our region sang songs glorifying youth, Motherland and friendship. The youth had a good time.

In the assembly hall of the administration of the plant, an awards ceremony was held for the most distinguished young people who actively participated in production and social activities. More than 20 young people were encouraged by the administration of the plant and the Joint Trade Union Committee with letters of thanks and memorable gifts.

Such events are held not only on holidays, but also on a regular basis.


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