The plant’s table tennis championship has come to an end.

By the initiative of the United Trade Union of the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant and the Department of Support and Social Development, various sports competitions are regularly held for the employees of the plant to popularize physical culture and sports among the plant workers, to attract them to mass sports.

Sports grounds and equipment have been built on the territory of the plant, there are sports equipment and facilities.

Table tennis competitions among the plant's employees were also held under the auspices of purposeful, tense and uncompromising wrestling. It was attended by 16 men and 8 women from all workshops.

The first place among men was taken by Karimov Marlen, a worker of the 14th workshop (Security Measures Enforcement Service), who was far ahead of his colleagues in skill and dexterity. The second place was taken by Akram Tuychiev, an employee of workshop 7 (Information and Communication Technologies), and the third place was taken by Abduvohid Ruzibaev, a representative of workshop 17 (Plant Management).

Among women, the 1st place was taken by Abidova Oksana, an employee of the 17th (Factory management) workshop. The second place was taken by a participant from the 10th (Central Laboratory) workshop, and the third place was taken by Kholmirzaeva Kamolakhon, an employee of the 11th (Motor transport and equipment) workshop.


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