The certification of teachers was carried out at the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant.

According to the "Regulations on the procedure for certification of teachers of the Fergana Oil Refinery Plant " and order No. 47 / PK dated 04.04.2022 "About the certification of teachers", from May 11, 2022, certification of teachers from among the engineering and technical workers of the plant is carried out to improve the level and skills of young specialists, introduction of innovative technologies, international standards into production, advanced training, which transfer their experience and knowledge to workers.

Teacher certification is carried out in the classroom of the personnel training and development department, which takes place in the form of a regular open lesson, during which the relevance of the topic and the actual content of the training course, the ability to interest the audience, the quality of visual aids, language proficiency are assessed. Certification gives a definition of the teacher's qualification knowledge, for this purpose, schedules for attestation in areas of activity have been drawn up and approved by the chief engineer.


Certification gives impetus to engineering and technical workers to improve their level of knowledge and training for further continuation of the plant.



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