A joint trade union committee has been established.

Currently, enterprises with foreign capital are effectively functioning in the national economy of the country, including in the energy and oil and gas industries. Their contribution to the development of the country's economy is significant and requires special attention.

It is noteworthy that the trade unions of these enterprises effectively work to protect the socio-economic and legal interests of employees on the basis of social partnership with employers.

Strengthening bilateral cooperation and moving it to the next, new level of interaction is a requirement of our time. In this regard, the Republican Council of the Trade Union of Workers of Energy, Oil, Gas and Geology of Uzbekistan, in order to establish long-term cooperation in the field of social partnership with foreign companies operating in the industry, further development and intensification of trade union activities, increasing the effectiveness of trade union committees, on the basis of the minutes of the joint meeting of chairmen, activists and employers of the companies "Enter Engineering", "SEG ", "Fergana Oil Refinery Plant", "Eriell group", decided to establish a Joint Trade Union Committee of these companies.

On February 18 of this year, the trade unions "Enter Engineering", "SEG", " Fergana Oil Refinery Plant", "Eriell group", approved the decision of the Executive Committee of the Council on the establishment of the Joint Trade Union Committee and its transfer to the Republican Council of the Trade Union of Power Engineers, Oil Workers and Gas Workers and Geologists of Uzbekistan, a constituent conference was held with the participation of representatives of trade union organizations, the decision of which was adopted unanimously.


Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC