Mentors among students

Organized at the initiative of the plant administration and the Council of Veterans, meetings with mentors with extensive life and professional experience, the exchange of knowledge and the study of the secrets of the profession are becoming a great school for the young people of the enterprise.

The visit of a group of labor veterans to the 6th workshop of the plant was no exception. Pupils and youth greeted their mentors in a solemn atmosphere.

At a meeting of two generations in the assembly hall of the workshop, the chairman of the Council of Veterans of the plant M. Khursanova and the veteran of the 6th workshop Razzok Akhmedov thanked the administration and public organizations for practical assistance in organizing the visit of labor veterans.

Ozodakhon Madaminova, who defended the honor of the plant at the regional stage of the republican competition "Woman of the Year" and took second place, was awarded a certificate of honor and a valuable gift from the minister of the region.

During the meeting, words of gratitude were expressed to the veterans for their hard work. Young specialists delighted the mentors with their creative performances.

After the completion of the solemn part, a festive table was laid for the veterans.


Press Service of “Fergana Oil Refinery Plant” LLC