The winners of the radio quiz “Zakovat” have been announced.

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To increase the level of knowledge of the factory workers, to create conditions for the manifestation of their talents, since September of this year, the radio quiz “Zakovat” was organized by the Youth Union of the plant.

This quiz was conducted regularly on the radio network of our company for a month. According to the conditions of the game, questions were asked on the radio in different directions. The intense and uncompromising quiz showed the activity of our youth and the high level of their knowledge.

On October 22, the final round to determine the winners of the radio quiz was held. 6 talented employees, who clearly, flawlessly, and quickly answered questions, reached the final. They were asked various test questions in such areas as occupational safety, industrial safety, as well as literature, history, and astronomy.

According to the results of the quiz, the 1st place was taken by the electrician of the 9th workshop Anara Seydakhmetova, the 2nd place by the senior master of the 7th workshop Farkhodjon Egamberdiev, the 3rd place by the electrician of the 9th workshop Gulnora Mamasolieva.

The winners of the radio quiz "Zakovat", who set an example to their colleagues with their knowledge and intelligence, were awarded diplomas and memorable gifts from the trade union of the enterprise.



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