Fraud and corruption management system hotline

Fraud and corruption management system hotline
Goals and Objectives of the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Group

1. The objectives of the Policy are:

  • creation of a uniform understanding of rejection of fraudulent and corruption actions in all forms and manifestations for the Chairman of the Management Board, members of the Management Board, heads of structural divisions and employees of the Company, members of management bodies and employees of the Group's companies, the formation of an anti-corruption consciousness in them, characterized by intolerance to manifestations of corruption;

  • elimination of the facts of fraud and / or corruption in the Group's activities, development and implementation of versatile and consistent measures to prevent and suppress fraudulent activities, prevent and eliminate (minimize) the causes and conditions that give rise to corruption, identify and disclose corruption offenses and fraud.

2. The main objectives of the Policy implementation are:
 informing employees of the Group's companies about the requirements of anti-corruption legislation, measures taken in the Group to combat fraud and corruption, training in the procedure and rules for their application in daily activities;

  • establishing the obligation of employees to know and comply with the principles and requirements of this Policy, key norms of legal and anti-corruption legislation;

  • creation of a system of internal regulations, measures and mechanisms to counteract any forms and manifestations of fraud and corruption, achieving optimal efficiency of the functioning of such a system;

  • minimizing the risk of involving members of the management bodies and employees of the Group, regardless of the position held, terms of work, status and other relationships with the Group, in fraudulent and / or corrupt activities;
  • identification, suppression, disclosure and investigation of corruption offenses and fraud, minimization and (or) elimination of their consequences and taking measures to prevent them in the future.

Hotline: +998 94 555 83 84, 43-00 (for plant employees)

Dear citizens, if you know information about violations, abuses or facts of corruption on the part of employees of the Fergana refinery, please contact a specialist in the corporate security and resource protection service at +998 (94) 5558384.

For its part, the Corporate Security and Resource Protection Service of Fergana Oil Refinery LLC guarantees complete confidentiality.